Saturday, February 20, 2010

Diesel Engine Versus Petrol Engine

          The most judging feature of the diesel engine is that it uses abstract ignition to burn the fuel, which is injected into the combustion chamber during the final stage of compression. In a diesel engine, fuel is injected at high pressure into the hot, compressed air in the cylinder, which causes it to burn and no spark is required for this. Thus, “compression ignition" is done rather than "spark ignition". The petrol engine is known as a “spark ignition” engine.
           Diesel engines offer better fuel efficiency when compared to petrol due to the fact that they have higher compression ratio. Another advantage is that, a diesel engine can be more easily turbocharged than a petrol engine because of the fact that if the compression ratio and the pressure in the cylinder are high during the inlet stroke, the mixture starts to burn to soon, while the piston is on its way up. The diesel engine has no fuel in the cylinder and thus allows the turbocharger to suck as much air as it can without creating any problem.
          The Petrol engine uses the Otto cycle in which a fuel/air mixture is ignited by a spark plug. The air and fuel mixture when ignited by a spark burns and thereby expands to force the piston down. In case of a petrol engine, fuel and air are pre-mixed usually before compression. Earlier the pre-mixing used to be done in a carburetor but now (except in the smallest engines) electronically-controlled fuel injection is used for this. The pre-mixing of fuel and air makes a petrol engine to run at a much higher speed than a diesel. However, it severely limits their compression, and thus efficiency.
           A diesel engine can relatively last longer, due to the fact that petrol destroys lubrication and diesel doesn’t. While all the above support diesel engines, a major advantage of petrol engines is that they are relatively lighter than diesel engines. Engine weight is an important factor which affects speed and performance of a car. This is one of the reasons why some of the fastest cars in the world run on petrol. It should be noted that even though diesel engines are heavier and make the automobile heavy, they have more torque.
          The higher compression ratio is helpful in raising fuel efficiency. Diesel engines are much more efficient than petrol engines when at low power and at engine idle. Diesel engines, unlike the petrol engine, lack a butterfly valve (throttle) in the inlet system, which closes at idle. This creates parasitic loss and destruction of availability of the incoming air, reducing the efficiency of petrol/gasoline engines at idle. This mechanism makes the diesel engine an attractive choice for many. Diesel engines are left idle for many hours or sometimes days in many applications, such as marine, agriculture, and railways. The engines are more efficient when compared to petrol engines of the same power. They consume significantly lower fuel and offer better mileage.
          The most distinguishing feature of the diesel engine is that it uses compression ignition to burn the fuel, which is injected into the combustion chamber during the final stage of compression. In a diesel engine, fuel is injected at high pressure into the hot, compressed air in the cylinder, which causes it to burn and no spark is required for this. Thus, “compression ignition" is done rather than "spark ignition". The petrol engine is known as a “spark ignition” engine.
          Diesel engines consume around 30% less fuel than petrol engines and this results in much lesser carbon dioxide emissions. The diesel engines produce virtually no carbon monoxide and are much safer than petrol engines. Tests done on car emissions reveal that while Nitrogen Oxides are higher in a new diesel engine when compared to a new petrol engine. But by the time they cover 50,000 miles or so, they are the same and after that the petrol engine produces more Oxides than the diesel engine. Hydrocarbon emissions contained in petrol engine emissions are considerably more than that in diesel engine emissions. However, diesel is certainly more dangerous from the point of view of Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM). SPM refers to solid particles suspended in open air, such as soot generated by combustion of various fuels. They might cause respiratory problems because of their tendency to deposit themselves in the lungs. Though much has been done to improve the fuel efficiency and reduce emissions from the petrol engine, still more needs to be done.
          In India, diesel is much cheaper than petrol. Ironically, diesel cars are more expensive than petrol cars.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hunting for Seized Cars

Have you heard about for sale seized cars? Well, this sounds like a great prospect, particularly for those who aspire to own a car at affordable price.  These seized cars are placed at some government car auctions open for public bidding. The bidding Participants must be a holder of a valid driver license and must be at least 18 years old.
For sale seized cars are taken from various government agencies such as the police agency that apprehends vehicles due to possible failure of repayments and vehicles used for illegal activities. For this reason, the government does not support for the maintenance of these seized cars, which is why they usually displayed them at some government car auctions to obtain the remaining balance of the vehicles.
The rise and fall of the economy are always a determining factor, whenever we decide for a big-budgeted plan. Practically, people prefer to buy second hand vehicles as they can save enough for them. Besides, car auctions offer great advantages such as affordable price and still in good condition cars.
Seized car bidding usually starts for as low as $100 and you might be lucky to walk off with paying just ten percent of the actual market value for the car.
There are some car auction sites over the internet that can be a good source of auction information. Such information includes the types of units, time and venues of the auctions. You can also participate in some online car auctions, but you still need to go to the auction site together with a mechanic for thorough inspection of the unit.  This will help you decide if you push through your plan of buying a second hand car.
Additionally, you also need to know that most used car salesmen get more than enough from these car auctions. They can easily make a 200% profit upon resale just by being able to get the right units. Vehicles for bid can range from motorbikes, automobiles, SUV’s, trucks, and even motor homes.
Hunting for impounded cars for sale can be a fun and an exciting experience, especially if you are successful in grabbing the best one.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Tiger's Car Accident

It could have been another celebrity death. Tiger Woods crashed his 2009 Cadillac Escalade into trees in an Isleworth Community and was reportedly severely injured. The crash was true, but the “severely injured” was not.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the golf superstar was leaving his home at the Deacon Circle Home with his sports utility car, when he suddenly crossed over a curb, onto a grass median and hit a row of hedges before driving into the hydrant and tree. Worse is, Tiger was not wearing a seatbelt when the incident happened. The car was totally damaged with headlights broke and the windows on the back, left and right were broken. But Elin later on claimed that she hit them with a golf club to be able to free her husband from from the car.

Tiger Woods got only minor injuries, in contrary with the initial reports. He was sent to the Health Central Hospital in Ocoee and released hour after the confinement.Woods was cited with careless driving and was obliged to pay a $164 fine.Up to now, the Florida Highway Patrol is yet to release the exact the details of what happened to the golf superstar.

Tiger Woods is a celebrity, known to be pristine and calm. This incident is something that broke his unstained image. For now, all that we know is that he overspeed his stylish car. But still, he is known to be calm and kind. He has a foundation where all his winnings in several golf tournament go to. It is so mysterious how would Tiger wreck his, or his image. What was on his mind or what occurred between him and his wife. The incident remains a mystery, until Tiger Woods issued an apology through his own website.

"I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves," Woods wrote. "I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family."

The statement is (like) pointing to a family problem. Something too personal for him, but a big interest for many. Speculations spilled all over the world. This is prior to a statement uttered by a Las Vegas cocktail hostess who performed on a reality TV series saying that she had had an affair with Woods. She also said that Woods talked to him days before the accident happened. Most people are thinking that this is a karma, for Woods, being unfaithful to his wife. This case is closed to family members of Woods, media and public should stay away. Let them be the one to fix everything before an ideal family turns out as wreck as his Escalade.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

The 2010 Chevy Camaro

Now, I am a big fan of the 1970's muscle cars. However, with the economic slow down and company bailouts, high taxes on gasoline and oil, and a healthy approach to saving our environment, why is general motors re-introducing the gas guzzling cars of the early 70's? I am referring to the re-release of the Chevy Camaro. What would inspire the flailing company to think it could save the companies bottom line, and actually bring it back into the red. It's retro, everything old is new again and GM is banking on the revival of the muscle car trends of its past to inspire its bottom line to be the same as was in the times of the North American hey day.

The marketing of this old/new Camaro is a head scratcher too. On YouTube, General Motors has started a new advertising campaign geared toward the gay community. The models are not female they are male, wearing tiny yellow underwear with the car's logo printed on them. Grasping a wash cloth, they rub the car until it sparkles. This new advertising campaign targets the gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. GM is marketing the same model car to different audiences in hopes to sell to more people, everyone in fact. General Motors once had 11 brands including international models. They now have plans to spin-off four car models, which means they will not make several brands for the 'soccer mom' in differing tax brackets. Instead they will make several cars aimed at the 'young', childless men and women in differing tax brackets.

They are trying to corner the disposable income types, also known as gay. Also, with this new marketing strategy, this disposable income group is being accessed through movie merchandising. GM is using the new Transformers movie - a film about machines that turn into robots based on a popular comic book, and 80's cartoon - to market the sports car to young people and their hip parents. The company is also marketing the car in the Middle East with a message focused on performance and power. The car will eventually need to be sold in Europe as well, a very different market that tends to prize features such as fuel-efficiency.

Introduced in Canada back in April of 2009, the new generation Camaro is hoped to spark General Motors' sales back into the red. It is inspired by the first generation 1969 Camaro designed by Ed Welburn. Inspired, not copied, by a fellow named Clarke, who insists it is not a retro car. Maybe not, but it has the same profile, blacked out central roof pillars which look similar to a classic hardtop, and the broad haunched rear fender reminiscent of muscle cars, with a solid chassis. It is being sold as a two door coupe; however GM says it will introduce a convertible within the year. Both six and eight cylinder engines are available, each with manual or automatic six-speed transmissions.

Like I said, I loved the old Camaro muscle car and I now dream of owning a new-generation Camaro. I cannot personally buy such a gas guzzling, environmentally unsound vehicle for my day-to-day use. But, if I was one of those people who had a disposable income, I would buy it and drive it on Sundays. Up and down the main drag, showing off, roaring my engine and honking at the ladies. I am so old school.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Go for HID Kits

Have you heard about the hid kits? Let's face it, it is dangerous to drive at night on regular basis, using normal lights, and this often results in difficulties to see what's ahead even when our high beams are on. Hid kits can be a good helper to add extra safety features to your car, preventing accidents before they occur.

Most of premium car makers such as BMW, Acura and Lexus have already pre-installed their car with hid kits. There are so many advantages to turn into hid headlights from your traditional tungsten or halogen headlights, which we will discuss in detail after the jump.

For your information, hid kits light output is about 3 times brighter than your traditional one, which means you are able to see the road clearer, especially when driving in the dark. The HID kit will reduce the alternator's load since they use lower voltage than the normal light system. This will save more car battery, extend the alternator's life, and save you more money.

While the reduced power, the output light is however, produce more powerful white colour light which will improve road visibility and vision to the driver. The HID light is capable to last for 3,000 hours, which took years to the end of their lifetime. And the most likely reason to make hid kit conversion is because they certainly looks cool. Your car will most likely stand out from the crowd.

If you are really interested in installing the kit, make sure that you choose the right hid kits. We are sure that you will find the best quality selection add extra styling and safety features to your car.

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